How to Build a Stand-Up Desk for your Home Office

It’s been known for a few months now that sitting at work all day will take years off your life. I used to sit all day at my computer but one morning I woke up, found myself still alive, and said it’s high time I built a stand-up desk for my home office with the sole purpose of extending my life. What follows is a description and short video of my inexpensive solution for a stand-up desk.

If you are thinking of putting a stand-up desk together for your office, I encourage you to consider what you do throughout your work day and make sure you can maintain that same functionality while standing.

In my opinion, the most important function of a stand-up desk is that it should allow you to work while either sitting down or standing up, and to easily and quickly transition between the two positions. In my experience, if you can’t transition your desk in less than 15 seconds or so, then you’ll find yourself either sitting or standing for longer than you intended, which defeats the purpose.

For the most part, I work in 45-50 minute increments. I’ll stand for a session, take a 5-10 minute break, and then sit for my next session. It works for me.

Essentially, here is the setup I describe in the video. I bought an Ergotron wall-mount arm for my external monitor. I found a second-hand end table, put felt pads on the bottom, and set it on top of my desk. My bluetooth keyboard and trackpad allow me to easily transition between sitting and standing. The only items I had to purchase were the Ergotron wall mount ($130) and the used end table ($17). Total cost? Under $150.

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